Experiencing Sai Shakti Healing

Everyone wants happiness, health, and love in their life. We live in a time where heartbreak is common, disease is rampant, and the world is full of negativity on all levels. There is help in these troubled times to return to joy, health and the flow of divine energy through Sai Shakti Healing.

This hands on healing gives shaktipat (energy transmission) to energy treasures on the body. These points are the back of the head, crown of head, under knees, bottom of feet, palm of he hands, finger tips and the 3rd eye (between eye brows).

Sessions are typically 60 minutes long but may be longer or shorter depending on your needs.  In person and distance healings are available. Distance healing take place via Skype.

It is recommended to plan on at least 3 sessions. Sai Shakti healing takes place on multiple levels and multiple sessions allow us build the healing energy and transformation.

It is important to note that when you receive this healing you need to be vegetarian 24 hrs prior, the day of, and 24 hrs after the healing. No smoking, drinking or other intoxicants for the same period of time. This allows for maximum healing to occur.


What Can Sai Shakti Healing Help?

Sai Shakti healing can help on multiple dimensions of a person’s life including:

Healing abuse, childhood wounds, and abandonment

Releases depression, heartbreak, and negative relationships

Creates protection circles around you

Raises your soul vibration

Heals relationships with your spouse, parents, child, and family

Reduces anxiety

Clears personal blocks such as fear, anxiety, jealousy and anger

Brings prosperity and success in business and personal life

Heals and empowers women, pregnant mothers, and children

Bring relief from negative energies and black magic

How Sai Shakti Healing Works

Sai Shakti Healing is a healing science developed by the ancient sages that can be used to heal and transform any aspect of your life. Sai Shakti Healing works at the root level of disease, problems, and obstacles in your life by empowering your own soul with cosmic healing energy.

The journey of our soul is the reason we are in a body on Earth.  Your soul journey is unique and precious. Sai Shakti Healing enlivens the spark of your soul so it will heal and transform whatever challenges you are facing.

Sai Shakti Healing energy can be transmitted to a client in person or at a distance. The Sai Shakti Healer uses mantra (sacred vibration) and yantra (sacred form) to access divine channels of healing energy.  This cosmic healing energy is then transmitted to you to address exactly what you need.


Origins of Sai Shakti Healing

Swami Kaleshwar reading ancient palm leaf healing booksUntil recently, this ancient healing system was hidden in palm leaf manuscripts, thousands of years old, and only known to a few saints in India. Sri Kaleshwar has brought Sai Shakti Healing forward to the world in this time and trained hundreds of healers around the world.






Sai Shakti Distance Healing

A distance healing sessions is much the same as in-person session. Through the divine channels the healer has charged, and through their connection to the Divine Mother and to divine souls such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Sri Kaleshwar, and Shirdi Baba, the divine energy of healing can easily be transmitted over long distances. These distance healings are done via Skype.

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My Healing Philosophy

Healing comes from the infinite universal energy flow and the spark that is within each person. Whether you are working on a physical project (problem/disease), emotional one or spiritual one, I fully believe in your innate ability to heal and evolve. During healing sessions you will be held in a space of unconditional love and non-judgement. I often call upon your guides, angels and highest good so that you receive what you most need.


Preparing for Your Healing Session

It is important to come to your healing with the correct attitude. The healer is a vessel for the divine energy to flow through. They are not reason or cause for your healing – the divine cosmic energy is. It is best to come to your healing session with an open heart even if you aren’t able to mentally fully understand the energetic principles of the session. Being in a relaxed peaceful state also helps facilitate your healing experience. It is preferred if you are receiving a hands on healing to be vegetarian for the 3 days around and during the healing session. The day before the healing, the day of and the day after the healing. This allows for the maximum healing energy to do its work.


© some text excerpted by permission from divinelineage.org