Are You Going Through a Big Transition in Your Life?

Sometimes it feels like life’s turned upside and everything you’ve known is gone. When you go through a big transition in life you can be left feeling confused, unsure about yourself & the future, and wondering about life’s bigger questions.


You maybe searching for answers to – Who am I? What is my purpose here? Is there a God and if there is what is my relationship to it? What direction do I go in now?

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching helps you come alive in your life by connecting you to your inner divinity and empowers you to live life to the fullest. It helps you make positive changes in your lifestyle.

By getting you connected to your inner divinity you are able to listen to the deeper guidance of your soul which gives you the clarity and courage you need to take the next steps in your life.

You know how you feel cloudy and unclear about which path to walk down? I will help you get clear on exactly the direction you need to go.

Do You Want To…

Live guided by your Soul.

Heal from past heartbreak.

Grow your understanding of Who You Are.

Have deep, clarifying conversations about the next steps in your life.

Create your own version of paradise.

Be supported on your unique journey.

Experience greater freedom, playfulness, and joy in life.


Kyra Siva

Kyra Siva

Healer | Spiritual Coach | Conscious Blogger

As a Sai Shakti healer and spiritual coach, I helps those on a spiritual journey find empowerment, healing and personal growth. For 13 years my passion has been spirituality and learning ways to help humanity take the next step of conscious evolution.

While my peers were hard at work studying in college I was hard at work studying about the divine and doing special meditation processes with the Southern Indian Saint, Sri Kaleshwar. Through taking the road less traveled I went through a HUGE personal transformation and gained insights and tools necessary to help others that are waking up to their divine selves.

Sri Kaleshwar translated and revealed knowledge from ancient palm leaf manuscripts. This knowledge is the formulas for healing at the soul level and for soul growth. Sri Kaleshwar lineage includes the great saints Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and more.

My spiritual journey has also lead me to learning basic principles from many different spiritual paths including vedic/hinudism, buddhism, shamanism, metaphysics and more. The principles of unconditional love (prema), peace (shanti), truth (satya), and right action (dharma) are at the core of my work with others.

Over the years I have done healings and coached numerous people through major life transitions, healing old wounds, creating new life visions, empowering healers and women, and guiding significant spiritual growth.

While developing my personal relationship with the divine I attended a Vedic temple, Shiva Sai Mandir in Denver, CO and learned how to perform ancient ceremonies including fire puja’s, aarati, and abheshiks. I have also lead meditation groups and many volunteer projects at the temple. I am still a regular there today and love spending time in holy places.

It is my greatest joy to help people grow spiritually and in all areas of their life. With a strong belief in unconditional love and uncanny ability to see the potential in others I can help take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

30 Minute Discovery Session

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You’re invited….

To a 30 minute discovery session to see how spiritual coaching can benefit your personal situation. Spiritual coaching can give you the space for positive transformation in your life. Life transformation takes time, dedication and a willingness to grow. I am completely committed to my clients and only work with people who I feel I can serve at the highest degree possible. If you are already on your personal growth path and/or are committed to being the best version of you, spiritual coaching can help give you the boost you need to reaching the next level of your personal evolution. Head over to the coaching application page and fill it out. I’d love to connect with you!